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Friday, April 7, 2017

                  Even though I have barely just started reading this book I already know that other people should read it. Just in the beginning he talks about him being some famous guy whose parents are also quite famous. He describes the paparazzi following him around and always talking pictures of him and publicizing him all over. Based off what I read from his last book, I know that even if it starts off sounding like a normal book, he will find a way to make me laugh.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why the movie was better than the book.

    There are many different thoughts I’m sure on which is better, The Giver as the book or the movie. Though I think the movie was way better for many reasons, many other say otherwise. In the next three paragraphs I will give examples of why I believe the movie was way better than the book.
    Starting off, the book took too long to finish. It was descriptive in its explanations, which I guess could help with visualizing it, but I thought it was unnecessary. The thing I liked about the book was that it got straight to the point was very descriptive. We also finished it in about three days, both got the point across but the movie did it faster and easier. Many people enjoy reading and taking their time, but I don’t like doing that and I wanted to get it finished earlier. This is why I enjoyed the movie better for visualizing reasons and the short amount of time it took. It got the point across and made me appreciate the author’s work and the plot of the story. This is my first reason on why I believed the Movie was better than the book.
    Second off, the visuals were easier since they were right in front of you. In the book, because it was science fiction, it was harder to visualize what it was describing to you. In the movie, the pictures of what it’s talking about are right in front of you so there is no need to use your brain. I do like using my imagination though and think of weird thing as what it’s talking about, but this is not useful to actually knowing what it is about. This made me understand the point the book was trying to get across much better and actually made me find it more interesting.
    My last reason for why I think the movie is better is one of the biggest differences between them, it’s told in first person. This part really changes the whole perspective on the plot not just literally, but also you get to see what happens in his eyes. It changes everything and makes it so there is less commentary to describe what is happening around him. Instead he tells you what is happening and how he feels about what is going on. It also really helped show us the part where he sees Gabe’s birthmark that matches his own. This is foreshadowing all the parts where Jonas transfers memories to him because he knows that he is the only other person who can receive the memories.
As you can tell, I much enjoyed the movie over the book. There were many other reasons for why I preferred the movie over the book but these were the biggest ones that made me like enjoy it more. Some changes were quite interesting but not important to my decision on which was. Hopefully this give all of those book lives a different opinion on which was better, the book or the movie.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Happy Place

              Even though I haven't read this book in about a month I continue to love it. For example on the first page of this chapter it's describing- two bags hanging from this woman's face. He says that they look like testicles just sagging from her face. I love this kind of humor and that's what kept me reading this book. Sadly though, I have finished it and I'm probably going to read naked by David Sedaris next.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Become a Monk

On this website the thing I was really looking for was how to become a monk and a section about kids becoming monks. It actually say that many parent could and would dedicate their child's life to being a monk. Children didn't really do anything except for prayers and gaining education. The way adolescents became monk was a long process. First, to enter the monastic order you would be a postulant for about a month. Next, for a year they would be a novitiate and after take their first vows. Four years later monks would take monastic vows and then stay as a monk for the rest of their lives.

Great Schism's Affect on Monks

This website discusses what cities were involved in which part of the Great Schism. It describes how it affected Catholics which is a big part in what I'm writing about. It say that even some parts of Europe didn't go with the West or the East but actually became it's own faction. The next paragraphs describe a role in Catholicism that would be even higher than the pope. Catholics discuss this role after this happened and the papal leadership also failed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Great Schism of 1054

      Once again I'm taking advantage of this reading to help me with World History. Today in class I was assigned to write in the time period of the Great Schism. So, tonight I read a great article on it. Basically, The Great Schism was like a war between the East and Western Christian churches. There were many excommunications (officially exclude someone from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church.) between the two leaders. That would be Patriarch Michael Cerularius of the Eastern church and Pope Leo Ⅸ of the Western church. After many conflicts and discussions came a complete separation between the two that to this day has not been fixed.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Middle Aged Monks

      Tonight, I read about Monks and Nuns because I have to study for a World History assessment and I thought this would be beneficial for getting a good grade. According to this website, monasteries in the middle ages were based on the rules made by Saint Benedict around the sixth century. Therefore monks known as Benedict's and were conformed to many things such as not owning property, leave the monastery, or get pulled into the concerns of society. Monks would practice their religion eight times a day at various periods performing many different religious activity. In their free time they would do a large amount of writing or copying religious texts. Monks were well educated in writing and learning, they also wrote many religious books that were very important to that time.